Terrible Posture Games is a group of independent developers with a penchant for fresh ideas in gaming, such as the FPS/roguelike hybrids “Tower of Guns” and “Mothergunship”, as well as the first ever playable sitcom “3 out of 10”. TPG is currently looking for:

Unreal Software Engineer

This is a permanent and fully remote position.
To apply, please send resume and cover letter to:


  • Develop and maintain optimized C++ and Blueprint gameplay systems for both VR and traditional games
  • Working with systems to support UE4 Networking and Replication for Multiplayer
  • Communicating directly with design and art to create in-editor C++ and Blueprint tools
  • Helping to Identify and convert Blueprints to C++ for optimization


  • At least 3 years of experience and 1 shipped game
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Unreal C++ AND Blueprint
  • Experience with general 3D mathematics and linear algebra
  • Self-motivated and passionate about making video games
  • Open minded, enjoys collaboration with others, and excited to learn
  • Must be willing to work during core hours 10am-4pm EST


  • Experience with console development
  • Experience with Unreal Python tool scripting
  • Experience with editor utility widgets
  • Experience with profiling and optimization
  • Experience with Online Subsystems